Thank you for visiting us at AllGospel.org, the home of South Fayetteville church of Christ. Our eternal goal is to do WHAT God says, the WAY He says to do it.

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Service Times

Sun Worship Hour 1    9:00 AM
Sun Bible Classes 10:00 AM
Sun Worship Hour 2   11:00 AM
Wed Bible Classes   7:00 PM


At South Fayetteville church of Christ, we are a group of Christians striving to live like Christ. 

If you have questions about what we do, please contact us. 

Recent Lessons

  1. A Lesson from Moses
    Ben Galloway
  2. Unworthy Servants
    Eric Reynolds
  3. Better Off Drowned
    Eric Reynolds
  4. Song of Solomon
    Eric Reynolds
  5. Rich Man and Lazarus
    Eric Reynolds