Thank you for visiting us at AllGospel.org, the home of South Fayetteville church of Christ. Our eternal goal is to do WHAT God says, the WAY He says to do it.

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Service Times

Sun Bible Classes9:00 AM
Sun Morn Worship10:00 AM
Sun Eve Worship5:00 PM
Wed Bible Classes7:00 PM


At South Fayetteville church of Christ, we are a group of Christians striving to live life the way God wants us to by imitating what the Christians in the first century did. We believe the bible is completely inspired. As such, we can read about men and women working for God, and most importantly, how they were pleasing to him. We look at their lives as well as the teachings Jesus gives, and the examples of the Apostles to pattern our lives after.

If you have questions about what we do, please contact us. We will be very happy to explain, from God's word, the reasoning and authority for what we do.

Recent Lessons

  1. PlayThe Value of One Soul
    Terry Childers
  2. PlayThe Faith of God
    Stephen Russell
  3. PlayCleaning House
    Eric Reynolds
  4. PlayLamp on a Stand
    Eric Reynolds
  5. PlayThe Faith of Hosea
    Nathan Haygood